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The purpose of this guide is to introduce you, the patient, to the Physician Assistant (PA). Chances are that you have probably already encountered a PA and not even realized it. Here you will learn about the growing profession and how it affects your quality of care. You will come to understand what it means to see “PA-C” next to your healthcare provider’s name.

Topics Covered

What is a PA?
First and foremost you will learn what a Physician Assistant is and why you should care.

RN, NP, PA, MD... What’s the difference?
With many different types of healthcare providers it is easy to get confused. This guide covers the differences in a few of the more common ones such as medical assistant, nurse, nurse practitioner, Physician Assistant, and the traditional doctor.

Get more from your visit
Do you ever return from a visit to the doctor and feel like it was a waste of time and money? We have put together a series of tips and suggestions that will allow you to get the most out of your visit.

Title Abbreviations Defined
Now just what do those letters worn so proudly mean anyway? We've compiled a list of the most common medical titles and designations with their representitive abbreviations.

Where will I find Physician Assistants?
Physician Assistants are in nearly every field of medicine, and their duties vary slightly depending on the area of medicine. We have put together an explanation for what you can expect from a PA in several of the most common areas

Medical Resources
The internet is an amazing tool for research, but don't be fooled! We've put together a list of links to help you find accurate answers to your medical questions.



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